Zhongshan Sen Mei Model Technology Co. Ltd., is one of the senior professional hand enterprises. We focus on industrial products plastic Shouban model, aluminum alloy Shouban model, SLA laser rapid prototyping, rapid vacuum small batch complex mode, precision sheet metal Shouban, sheet metal and small batch production processing technology service, mainly including all kinds of electrical boards, electronic products Shouban, traffic tool prototype, simulation model Shouban, SLA Rapid Prototyping and bulk complex mould boards, hardware Shouban model, industrial product design, stencil processing production.

Companies adhere to the strict product quality, personal service as the foundation of the enterprise, exquisite technique honed so that the company has a high technical level of the production team, to provide quality products quality products stable technical support. Continue to explore in the same industry we show excellence.

The company is located in the hometown of the great - Zhongshan City, convenient transportation, logistics facilities. Branch in the southeast of Guangdong Province, the northeast end of the Pearl River Delta - Huizhou City, adjacent to Shenzhen, Hongkong. The company is equipped with CNC machining center, SLA laser shaping system, vacuum molding machine, laser cutting machine punching machine and other equipment. Combined with domestic and foreign advanced professional machinery and equipment, development to explore a variety of materials, material of special processing method, the Shouban model can adapt to the special needs of a wide range of areas, can make Shouban model completely replace production early development design, verification, test method, reduce customer production risk and improve the efficiency. We cherish a posture of the customer information confidential, highly responsible for the product quality strictly work, inexhaustible spare capacity to make you satisfactory results were obtained with our cooperation, only you certainly can achieve our development!